Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Living on the Floor

This week brought the much-anticipated estimated arrival date of our shipping container!  

However, our hopes were a bit dashed when I called the shipping company, and they said the ship would be delayed a couple of days.  

Then our hopes were really dashed when we found out the estimated arrival date was actually for the ship's arrival in Hamburg.  Which is apparently a one-week trip across the sea from Oslo.  

Thus, we're here on the floor.  On a comfortable mattress, at least.

Here's our container, outside our apartment in beautiful Portland on September 14th.  All packed up and ready to sail the high seas.  What bright-eyed, optimistic kids we were, thinking we would see this baby in four to six weeks.  Ahh.  Those were the days...

Okay really, things aren't that bad.  There have been worse delays in the history of the expatriate world.  Actually, I think it's normal to tack on at least a couple of weeks to the estimated arrival date.  And, we're functioning just fine with the bare necessities we've picked up in Oslo to get by until we have things like a sofa, more than two plates, and metal utensils.  We're warm, comfortable, and have a roof over our heads.  

I just really wanted to make some Halloween cupcakes with the cute little holders that are currently somewhere between here and Hamburg, dammit!

And, I suppose if our shipment was delayed so the stars would align for me to find this little gem, then so be it.  I give you...the greatest blanket in the entire world:

The softest plush ever on one side, and delectable sheep-ish stuff on the other.  If you think you've felt a softer/warmer blanket, you haven't.  Actually, if you have, please send it to us in Oslo (via mail, not ship!).

Okay, moving on from the apartment jazz.  Once the container arrives, and I wallow in a pile of our precious belongings, I'll post an entry of sheer joy.  And I'll probably still make pumpkin cupcakes in the Halloween holders.

Speaking of being grateful for warmth and a roof over our heads, it snowed this week!  Insanity.  I saw it in the forecast, but didn't believe it after 28 years of the spotty fulfillment of snow predictions in Portland and Tulsa.  However, I looked out of the window at the streetlight in the dark, and there they were:  huge, beautiful, fluffy flakes.  And I loved it.  

We also had a pretty fun weekend with some new friends.  We carved pumpkins, then visited the Vikingskipshuset (Viking Ship Museum).  I ridiculously forgot my camera on this day full of photo ops, so here are some iPhone goodies.  Actually, all the pics in this post are iPhone goodies.  Been a bad photographer this week...

This photo doesn't do the ship was huge.  The fact that this massive ship was completely buried in the ground is quite impressive.  Have I mentioned that I love history, and artifacts of all sorts?  Well, I do.  Like little wooden forks and combs and carvings.  Yes, indeed.

Pretty gate on the dock where we waited for the ferry that never showed (probably because it's done running for the season).   The bus saved us though.

Finally, I'll end this post how the Daily Show (my fave) ends an episode: with a Moment of Zen.  

This week's Moment of Zen: 

Discovering a delish bakery that's similar to Ken's Artisan Bakery (Portland's finest), minus the pizza.  This little plate of deliciousness is a Brie sandwich on bread with pumpkin seeds baked in it, and the liquid gold in that cup is apple juice.  In less than one week, I've had two of these sandwiches, a croissant, and a baguette from here.  Yep.