Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We're packing up for a trip to Dublin this weekend, so here are just a few tidbits from the past week...

The living room is done and livable!  Actually, I set most of it up on day one of receiving the shipment.  I just finally remembered to snap some pics...

 Love all of the natural light.  Even though it's been fairly gray out, it's actually pretty bright in here. 

 Cozy little spot in the living room - love.

The kitchen and bedroom are mostly done, just putting on some finishing touches.  Once I finish my second Norwegian class next week, I'll be able to focus a bit more.  Class is really keeping me on my toes for now!

We also enjoyed some wintertime sportiness last week...

 We took a 10-minute bus ride up the mountain to Holmenkollen, and found all this lovely snow.  There isn't really any in Oslo right now (lightly dusted spots, but they don't count).  So it's nice to get to the snow so easily/quickly.

 Lovely trees.
 Pretty old wooden church we found.  Then we walked down some slippery iced-over stairs of destruction on the way down.  Despite our usual lack of sure-footedness (neither of us are the most graceful creatures on the planet), we made it down with no slips.  It's only a matter of time though, before the ice wins.

 Such beautiful detail in the wood.

 Skate Club!  Ice skating in Frogner Park with a few fun friends from Norwegian class: Hoan, Katrin, and Sylvie (not pictured - she was out shredding some mad ice).  I think we need to go as much as possible.  I mean, the 2014 Winter Olympics are just around the corner...

 Ken's actually a great skater!  Those hockey days came back to him the moment he stepped onto the ice.

Never really pictured myself living somewhere cold enough to actually buy ice skates.  But, guess life has a funny way of making its own plans.  One of the funniest moments I've had here involved me asking a guy at the sports store if they sold ice skates.  He responded, "You mean for adults?  We sell them for kids..."   Umm, hasn't he heard that ice skating never gets old??  Because it definitely doesn't.

This week's Moment of Zen doesn't involve food or drink (shocking, I know...)  On a very cold walk through the park, I saw the most beautiful color of blue I've ever seen in the sky.  This pic doesn't really do the color much justice, but maybe you can see it.  Or maybe you should just use your imagination and pretend like you see it...

I hope there will be many a Moment of Zen this weekend: pubs galore, fish & chips galore (YES!), and Spoon (the band) galore...can't wait.