Wednesday, December 15, 2010


This week we started in on the winter sportiness by learning how to cross-country ski.  Ken has always loved downhill skiing, and I've always despised it (something about flying down a hill on slippery sticks just doesn't do it for me...).  Now we can go on some ski trips together, if I eventually get the hang of it.

We tagged along with our new, fun friends Silje and Pierre to learn the ropes.  Silje may win the Patient Norwegian of the Year award for teaching two Americans and an Englishman how to cross-country ski...

Silje showing Ken the proper waxing technique.  

On the trail with Silje and Pierre.  Please note: if I look a bit rough, it's because this is the equivalent of running in snow.  While wearing very slippery sticks that slide out from underneath you while running.  Further evidence that this is a workout includes the fact that I ripped off my hat and gloves shortly before this, and shoved them into my pockets to "cool off" in 15 degree F weather.  Definitely felt the burn!

We enjoyed ourselves, and will try to go often, since we bought skis (before we even tried it...whatever).  The only cost to go is an $8 roundtrip on the train or bus - you can get to quite a few trails by quick public transit.  We've discovered two things that are inexpensive in Norway:  ice skates and skis.  Velkommen to our plan for making it through the long winter! 

I also went for a snowy hike with a couple of new girlfriends...

The lake, covered in snow.  The pic is a bit dark, but I loved the color of the sky.  Which you can't really see in this small version. was nice in person.

No leaves, but the snow makes it nice, eh?

The path around the lake.

All bundled up with Robin and Kaila.

Jeg liker trær.

And this Moment of Zen is from a couple of weeks ago, but I think it goes well with the wintry mix of photos for this week. 
Beautiful, cold, snowy run.

Alright, I'm off to go clean up the nice puddle of soot the chimney sweep managed to shove down through the chimney onto the wood floor surrounding our fireplace.   Excellent.