Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oops...I Did It Again

Well, it seems I have an addiction.  I wouldn't exactly call it a problem, though...

I went to Alicante, again.  There, I said it.  And it was amazing, again.  

This all started when my good friend Mel decided she needed a little vacation to someplace warm and awesome.  

With such great prices on Ryan Air flights, Alicante was suggested.  I couldn't let her go alone now, could I?  We all know very well that I didn't "need" a vacation.  But why the heck not?

Our other good friend Connie also needed a vacation from the long hours at work. you have it.  Girls weekend in Alicante!  

Note:  Please don't judge me for a repeat trip.  I have a new quest of picking up my Spanish studies from college (good thing I kept the textbook from freshman year in 2000), so I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to practice.  Okay, still not a good enough reason to justify two trips in two months?  See the pics below and you won't need any more of an explanation...

Hike up to Castillo de Santa Barbara.  I use the term "hike" loosely, since it took 20 minutes and the entire route was on pavement.

The forecast included rain last Friday, but Alicante pulled through with a full weekend of sun!

Just love this place.

We took a boat ride to Isla de Tabarca.  There was a stag party on the boat (Americans: stag = bachelor) and they were absolutely hilarious.

The water around the island was amazing!  So clear that you could see every single jellyfish swimming around the boat.  Mel, the super-Aussie, was a trooper and stayed in the water, while Connie and I made a couple of quick jumps in and out.  There's just something unsettling about being surrounded by jellyfish, even if they aren't poisonous...

We discovered this beautiful neighborhood on the way down the mountain from Castillo de Santa Barbara.  We also discovered a restaurant here where we had one of the best dinners of our lives - hiked up tons of stairs to get back to it later that night, and it was totally worth it.

These red pots were gorgeous - all the little details just make this place the greatest.

The Moment of Zen has to be the beautiful restaurant where we had one of the best dinners of our lives, as noted above.  The food was spectacular, the servers were so nice (they even gave me a menu in Spanish, knowing that I wasn't good, but I was trying), and the view from the side of the mountain was fabulous.  If you ever make it to Alicante, eat here!  I absolutely love that dinner is so late in Spain that they don't even open until 9pm.  

We didn't take any pics of the place, since we didn't want to look like rookies, so you can check out the view here if you need a visual.

So there you have it.  Alicante Part 2.  Promise we won't go back until at least Fall 2011...Ken has to make it there at some point!