Friday, September 16, 2011

A Day in Bruges

Yes, I've been slacking again.  I've been in a magical place called America, so I have a good excuse.

I recently realized I never wrote a post about our day in Bruges on our way back home from Italy.  Traveling back to Oslo through Belgium was actually cheaper than flying directly from Italy to Oslo, so Belgium it was.

This conundrum actually worked out well, because Bruges was on our Euro list.  Ken visited Bruges during a study abroad in London in college.  Honestly, I didn't really know anything about Bruges until I saw the movie In Bruges a few years ago.  I remember having a fun and lighthearted Thanksgiving dinner with some friends, then settling down on the sofa to watch In Bruges as a transition into turkey-induced slumber.  The movie was dark, strange, and entertaining, and I remember thinking, “What just happened?” after it was over. 

So, I had a curiosity about Bruges that needed to be quenched.

Bruges has much of its medieval architecture intact, and canals throughout the city.  It was definitely a very charming, picturesque place.  I probably wouldn't go out of my way to make a specific trip there, but for a day trip on the way home, it was lovely.


Medieval building.

The belfry.

Belgian beer.

Another canal.

Pretty colors.

So charming you just want to pinch it, eh?

Add lots of chocolate shops to this, and you've got yourself a lovely day trip.  Just in case you ever find yourself in Belgium.  

Lots o' U.S. goodness will appear here sometime soon...