Monday, October 10, 2011

Ken the Marathoner

Sometime in early August, Ken decided he wanted to run the Oslo Marathon, which was September 25th.  He's always been a great runner, and he keeps it up regularly.  Thus, he went for the abbreviated training schedule, and total rocked the marathon, finishing in 3:50:55!

Taking off at the starting line.

The table of fans along the course.  These troopers sat here for almost three and half hours - thanks everyone!  (Please note that Silje is wearing a festive Team Ken shirt, despite her distaste for homemade t-shirts.)

The official Team Ken shirt.

Looking good at the finish line.  I was so proud of his hard work!

The sweet taste of victory.

The runners.  Congrats, guys!  It's worth the sore legs for a week, eh?

Moment of Zen for the week...

Ken:  Finishing a marathon, with an awesome time to boot.
Cari:  Not running a marathon.  But cheering on Ken while he ran his.