Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ozsomeness: Part 1

Two of my very best friends that I met in Norway, Mel and Ellie, moved back home to Perth.  I was very, very sad when they left, and couldn't imagine not knowing when I'd see them again.

So, the morning before they left Oslo, I booked a roundtrip to Perth during a time when Ken would be working non-stop and out of town.  It also happened to be during some of the coldest, darkest weeks of the Norwegian winter.  No complaints here.

Thus, I found myself with two of my favorite girls, in an absolutely gorgeous and warm place, for two and a half weeks.  

Although living internationally isn't always the greatest, I thank my lucky stars daily for the experience, the opportunity to travel to amazing places, and the chance to meet friends that will forever be a part of my life.  I do miss home dearly, and will be ready to get back to a "normal" life in Portland later this year.  And I'll be a-okay with that, because I'll be able to look at this time for the rest of my life and see how pretty damn fantastic it all was, and to be thankful that we didn't pass up an opportunity to do something to keep life fresh and interesting.  

That said, I never dreamed a trip to Australia would be a part of this experience.  It was a tremendous treat to get to spend this time with some beautiful friends, and to see a new corner of the world.  I will cherish this little treasure of a trip, always.

Thank you Mel, Ellie, Noosh, and Ori, for showing me your gorgeous homeland.  It was such a gift to spend this time with you.  Your hospitality was incredible!

There were too many photos to put all of this goodness into one post.  So, here's the first half of the beautiful adventure...

Insanely gorgeous Scarborough Beach in Perth.

Enjoying some brews at Little Creatures in Fremantle.

City Beach.

The summer clothes came out to play!!

Sunset at City Beach.

Danny & Kelly made us the most delicious picnic dinner on the beach in Bunbury.  Thanks for your hospitality and your amazing prawns, Dan & Kel!  It was lovely to see you again.

Nature tour and wine tasting in Margaret River.

Forest near Margaret River.

Gorgeous coast.

Voyager Estate winery.

Watershed winery.

Funky flowers.

Sunset at the beach in Prevelly.

Mel and I completed the first half of our adventures with changing a tire at 5am, in dresses no less, outside our hotel in Prevelly.  Luckily, the tire-changing kits on modern vehicles seem to be designed with stranded females in mind, so it was all good.

So yeah...good stuff!  Part 2 coming soon...