Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I'm back in the magical U.S. of A. for a few weeks, splitting the time between Portland and Tulsa.  Ken is working his fingers to the bone, and deserves mad cred for his ability to make it through busy seasons year after year.  

I decided to stay out of his way this year, and take advantage of the gift of time.  Thank you Ken, for this amazing gift.  You are wonderful, and I definitely owe you two years of freedom in return.

Okay, enough with the sappiness :)  Having only a few weeks at home, I've been focusing on soaking in the familiar rather than writing.  However, I'm currently covered in snow in Oklahoma (Midwest Snøpocalypse 2011!), so here are some pics from Portland last week.  I just realized there are no humans in these photos, but I promise I saw many of my beautiful friends' faces and loved every minute.   Thanks for a lovely time, PDXers!

 Rare blue skies in January at the Oregon coast.  Thankyouthankyouthankyou, Oregon.

 Still my favorite place in the world.

  Pretty sign of life in the middle of winter.

 Furry green steps.

 Furry green bricks.

 Washington Park on a beautiful day.

 Snowy Mt Hood from Washington Park.  Snowshoeing on Hood is usually one of our favorite wintertime activities.  However, I avoided snow like the plague this trip (other than the aforementioned piles of snow currently gracing OK...curses).  We'll see you in two years, Mt Hood.

 Another sign of life in the neighborhood.

Oooh the glorious Moments of Zen.  Words cannot describe my feelings of sheer joy when these goodies were placed on the table before me:

 Dungeness crab cakes at the coast.  Oh how I love you, little Dungeness crab.

Pine State biscuits with shiitake mushroom gravy.  Best.Breakfast.Ever.

I should be semi-ashamed of my food intake over the past two and a half weeks.  But actually, I'm not.  It's been glorious.  I've been running.  And I return to the land of the mystery meat shortly...