Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hello, Amazing

Being the travel nut I've somehow become over the past six years, I got a little stir-crazy and developed some severe warm weather cravings a couple of weeks ago.  

So I pulled up Ryan Air just for kicks.  

Chose Oslo as the departure city.  

Scanned the list of arrival cities and prices... 

...and my eyes widened in delight at the amazing price for this little gem:

So I sent a text to my friend Brigita, whose husband works with Ken (the guys had a Paris trip with work the same weekend).  She called me quickly after, and we booked!

Here we are, thoroughly enjoying our last-minute plans.  Thanks for such a fun weekend, Brigita!

Anyway, this little slice of heaven is Alicante, Spain, on the Costa Blanca.  My good friend Kaitlin (who lives in the U.S.) visited Alicante a few years ago, and that's the only time I've heard of it.  I remember that she loved it, and her pictures were gorgeous.  Since then, I haven't heard a single person I've met in Europe mention visiting this place.  

I'm extremely baffled by this, due to the amazing price from Oslo, and the following:

Insanely beautiful scenery.

Gorgeous beaches.
(I refrained from photographing the elderly folks enjoying the nudity option.  
You're welcome.)

Perfect blue skies.

Inexpensive and absolutely delicious wine and mojitos.

Tasty eats. new love.
Castillo de Santa Barbara looming in the background of the city.

Relaxing with drinks at tables under these massive and beautiful trees.

(Possibly the best place ever to have a drink.)

Learning valuable life skills, such as how to properly handle a crustacean carcass (not something I'd normally be interested in, but when in Spain...)

And finally, all the charming and gorgeous architecture:

Fabulous.  Lovely.  Wonderful.  All of the above.

I don't know that Ken took many pictures of his Paris trip, but I do know that he had an awesome time last weekend as well.  Apparently he rode a bike around Paris all three days of the trip.  While wearing a beret.  

Here's the lone photo I've seen from his trip:

The fellas taking a break from the mean streets of Paris.
(I can't look at this without laughing.)

For this week's Moment of Zen, you can simply choose your favorite photo from above.  I can't decide...