Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thank You, Oslo

Oslo, I'm willing to take back any grumblings I spoke against you from November through March if you keep up the glorious spring you've bestowed upon us the past few weeks.  

Not many things make me happier than sunshine and loads of daylight, and you've been extremely generous.

I'm wide awake by 6am every morning, even with dark curtains, because it looks like this outside (which I'm perfectly okay with):
I might have to reinforce the curtains when this is 4am in June...

It also looks like this at 9pm now (please also note that the trees are starting to bloom!):
Pretty soon this will be 11pm.  Love it.

Our little balcony is also ready to rock - the flower box is full of pretty pansies, and we found an excellent sale on a tiny table and chairs:

Once the trees bloom completely, I'll take some pics of the city.  Right now it still looks like November as far as foliage goes.  Hopefully another week or two.

So yeah, you could say that we're good to go around here.  It doesn't take much more than bike rides, laying in the park, and BBQing to make us happy.

Other than the ongoing Moment of Zen of amazing weather every day, here are two additional goodies:
A little Cherry Garcia during Free Scoop Day at Ben & Jerry's.

Oregon wine tasting with a group of awesome gals.  So much fun, and so tasty!